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This is the always asked question. First I was using the Edelkrone Motion Control system, first and later second generation. Too heavy for outside, not reliable for long term due to the batteries. Edelkrone is made for studio footages. but even there the object tracking works not really good. Later I explored the Syrp Genie system due to the awesome extendable magic carpet slider. I'm still using it and I'm basically happy with it. 3Axis Motion Control without limits. 45 and 90 degrees slides are possible. Problem here is the new generation and the fact that no spare units for the old generation available anymore. So if anything stoped working the whole system is obsolete and  a new one is not really cheap. 

On my YouTube Chanel you can find a video with a small unboxing / test of the Syrp System Generation One  

Pictures of the setting in the field, with both systems you can check out here 

Time Lapse Malaysia



The first drone was a Phantom 4. This pity "Lady" crashed the first time in Langkawi during a test with one of the first FPV App's. Her final crash was a house wall due to insufficient or on and off GPS signal. The replacement, a Phantom 4pro, is still in use and still my favorite. For travel reasons I also bought a Mavic Air, unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the battery's  and flew with bloated batteries at Mykonos, Greece in windy conditions. Obviously the battery lost contact to the drone and crashed in the mediterranean sea. Those bloated batteries is a well know issue, so be careful and change the battery's as soon  you see deformations. Last investment was the Mavic Pro 2, awesome drone, but all these restrictions make me lose the fun and excitement  of flying the drone. 

Furthermore I did some experiments with the Ronin S (First Generation), but for now, with what I'm filming, I am missing the application for this device. Generally a nice stabilizer.


Canon from the beginning. Why? I don't know.

With cameras it is like with Apple Smartphones. Tricky (and expensive) to change the system. And I basically don't have a reason. Especially now with the new Canon R5. The most amazing piece of camera technology I ever had. Before I was using Canon 6D, due to the build in WiFi and GPS option. If you travel, always good to see where you took the pictures. With the purchase of the Canon 11-24mm lens, I was of the opinion that more pixels were needed. The Canon 5DSR was purchased. Unfortunately, and that was typical for Canon at this time, there are only pixels, technologically without wireless and GPS a step backwards. Finally in 2020, Canon released the R5, with "All In". 4k Video, almost 50MegaPixel, GPS, WiFi, foldable screen and a great ISO performance. Extraordinary!

Apart from the already mentioned Canon 11-24 and the standard 24-105 and 24-280mm, I use the Sigma 20mm 1.4, for landscape almost perfect. For the Close up's and macro shots, I happy with the Laowa 100mm 2x Ultra Macro and the 25mm 2,5-5x Ultra Macro Lens.

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